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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If God had a Scrapbook

I was scheduled to speak at a scrapbooking retreat here in New England. These were my thoughts for opening night.

If God had a scrapbook an image of your face would be on each page. Sometimes we think that is impossible, as if everything else in the world takes priority over us, but let me tell you that if God takes notice when even the smallest sparrow falls to the earth and dies, then he is very attentive to those who he created in his own image.

If God had a scrapbook he would have memories of your birth and your earliest years. My friends little girl once saw prisms of light dancing on the wall. With wonder she looked up to her mom and pointed, “look Mommy Dod … Dod.”

God heard your child’s heart, and heard the prayers you whispered when you began to grow. He saw the faith in your heart – the faith of a child: pure and simple before life and doubt came and clouded belief.

If God had a scrapbook he would have kept scraps of your prayers. The ones that no one knows of; the times you slipped into an empty church or a hospital chapel. The times you were awestruck by the beauty of creation and praise spilled out of your heart. He took note of those moments.

Like a doting father or a heartsick lover: God has a kept a scrapbook that is dedicated to you. He is crazy about you! He longs to be in relationship with you.

If God had a scrapbook, he would have pages of the times you felt your heart would burst with joy, and other times when you thought it would break from grief. He saw you when you passed through the darkest valleys, and walked alone through the shadows of fear.

If God had a scrapbook it would be filled with memories of you. Open up your heart and give Him a chance to reveal His endless love.